Angry Unicorns

Dragon boat team

About Us

Dragon boating is an excellent opportunity for fun and fitness on the water with the support of an awesome community. Open to anyone aged 14 and older, we welcome all bodies and abilities. We are an all-women’s team; however, we welcome men to join us as callers or tillers.

Who Are We?

The Angry Unicorns are a magical and tenacious group of women who joined together to form the Salem Multicultural Institute’s first dragon boat team. Established in 2010 in the state’s capitol, the team began as “Salem Mixed Up”, but changed their name to reflect the ‘little bit of magic’ that happens when you bring a dynamic and diverse group of women together to paddle with persistence, determination, and enthusiasm. Dedicated to each other and to our community, we paddle for fun and fitness. Unicorns are said to be uncatchable…watch out because we paddle like we stole it!
A-U, we’re golden, baby!

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